Forest walk

The simple walk in the forest will take you away from the stressful city rhythm. It is scientifically proven that experiences in the wild nature could be so profound and deeply emotional that they resemble the emotions felt during prayer or meditation. The secret of the eco therapy effectiveness is[…]


With a kayak you can make a trip, during which you will enjoy the wildlife, rocky coast with picturesque houses and small yards. It’s nice to go out in the early morning between 8 and 10am, while it is cool and quiet. Make sure that you bring a hat and[…]


There are plentiful bicycle paths and the conditions are suitable for cycling. The routes are of varying difficulty, which allows for quick or relaxing, full of adrenaline descents.


“Tsonevo” dam is the third largest in Bulgaria and especially suitable for fishing. The beach in front of us is shaped so that it can come down to the water. The types of fish you can catch are catfish, carp, grass carp, perch, bream, carp, bleak.